About Me

I'm currently Associate HR Director at a well known non governmental departmental body. I started the role in August 2017, having spent almost 18 months as HRD at Trafford College, Prior to that I was doing HR/OD integration work at a new housing group, and before this I was Head of HR & OD at Golden Gates Housing Trust for 11 years and I also have experience of working again in a call centre, a national charity and an international pharmaceuticals company.  Prior to working in HR I qualified as a secondary school teacher (I taught History).

I'm a CIPD Chartered Fellow, a qualified coach and mediator, distance learning tutor for the CIH and CIPD, and more besides.  I also used to manage and deliver CIPD programmes for several years.

Outside work, I'm a keen sportsman - competing in triathlons regularly but also having led and managed some representative sports teams - a father to three lovely children, and husband of a long-suffering wife.

I'm active on social media - follow me on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I believe in the Power of Three (or should that be T-HR-EE?).  I believe things have a beginning, a middle and an end.  My main sport has three main elements.  I have three children.  And I believe individuals are truly effective as performers when they align their interests in life, their responsibilities at work and give attention to their physical/mental self - harnessing the Power of Three.

Much of this Blog will comment on what's happening for me professionally, and my observations on the state of the HR profession.  It will also touch occasionally on aspects of my personal life.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog, and its content reflects my own views and not the views of my employer or any organisation I am associated with.